Following our belief that “we are exactly what we eat”, we created for the first time in the Greek market, a range of meat products and sausages with maximum nutritional value, only from fresh fatless Greek meats. They are cooked by the most healthy way of heat treatment (steamed). We enriched them by adding Greek natural superfoods and they are ready to eat. Our products appeal not only to athletes but also to the whole range of consumers who want to follow a healthier diet, since for the first time something so healthy is also so delicious and so accessible. We are doing our best so as to succeed in making our products the basic choice of even the most demanding dietary needs. From the tender age of childhood to the difficult age of our beloved grandparents. Trust us with your diet and see the beneficial results of your choice every day.


Our vision is not only to produce a range of products of high nutritional value. The “BL” brand was created from the initial letters of the English words Better Life. Our goal is to identify our company brand with the constant effort of everyone to improve the quality of his life. Well being activities will be rewarded for the first time through our site, with the ultimate goal of seeing not only physically but also mentally healthy people. BL products didn’t come to conquer the world but to make it better. We want your companion to this beautiful trip.